pain is only relevant if it still hurts


"I’m going to marry her."

The young boys’ father just laughed, “You sure? What if someone else catches your eye?”

The boy shook his head quickly, “No, she’s… Special.”

Finnick’s father was surprised at the tenderness in his eleven-year-olds voice. He knew the Cresta family, they supplied him with the nets he used for fishing. They only had the one daughter, Annie, who Finn was already head-over-heels for-even at eleven years old.

They began seeing each other at thirteen, even with the threat of the Games.

Finn’s father just hoped that it would work out between them, that the Games wouldn’t tear what they had. Oh, but of course it didn’t.

Finnick was Reaped at just fourteen,Annie so soon after. But, even when she returned, haunted by the Games, he never gave up hope.

And it was on their wedding day that those thoughts returned to his mind and he grinned as the priest told him, “You may now kiss the bride.”

And he couldn’t help but whisper in his mind to his deceased father,”I told you I would.”

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