pain is only relevant if it still hurts

"Congratulations, it’s a girl."

I stared down at the tiny bundle of pink the doctor just handed to me. I was completly amazed at how beautiful she was, that she was ours.

I looked up at Peeta. He was gazing down at us, the biggest smile I had ever seen, clear on his face.

"She’s beautiful, Katniss."

I smiled then, looking down at my little bundle. She was beautiful. Even though I was so terrified carrying her, it was worth it. Completly.

But I needed reassurance. Good things rarely happened to me. I used the phrase I hadn’t in years, “She’s ours. Real or not real?”

Unshed tears gleamed in his eyes. That phrase carried so much meaning for us both. He to choked out, “Real. She’s ours, Katniss. And she’s not going anywhere. I’ll make sure of it.”

2 years ago on June 12th, 2012 |J
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